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Question! :)

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Hi guys...I'll admit, I'm a little anxious about asking about this, but I will be quick to assure you that I've searched quite a bit on this topic...although I KNOW it's gotta be here SOMEWHERE! (wrong keywords perhaps)

I'm wanting to make a picture have motion behind the avatars here in this picture..so that it appears that one is coming off the other, etc etc. (hope that I'm explaining this right!) I'll post the picture so that you might understand my gibberish a wee bit better! Any help would be appreciated.

(btw, not wanting to make a GIF..more like a motion blur? but i can't get it to where the avatars aren't blurred themselves.)


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you're talking about his/her title, right?


first, i hope u have each one on a different layer, since u will want the blurr in different directions.

second, to obtane the blurr, but still keep the image, duplicate the layer it's on, aply motion blurr to the layer underneath, then change the blending mode of the one above to whatever u consider to have the desired effect (it usually works best with overlay or reflect).

also, uncheck the centered option in the motion blurr window.

hope this helps.


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