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Help! What did I do?

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OK, I was playing around with filters in Corel PhotoPaint 11 and I created something that I can't reproduce. I have been trying to reproduce the effect for about 2 hours now and figured I'd ask the experts.

What did I do?


Please help! I want to be able to do this again.

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Thank you SOOOOOOO much for your help :roll:

OK, tell me how to do the same thing with paint.net then.

EDIT: I've already posted in a Corel forum. The reason I posted here is because I use paint.net (a lot) and I like this forum. I think the people here are generally helpful and much more expirenced than me when it comes to graphic design.

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After experimenting, I got omething close, but still have no idea how I did it.

Haha. Now you know how I feel. :D

It involved a Colored Pencil effect (search around these forums), and a bunch of blending modes, brightness and contrast, and hue/saturation.

Thanks. This does actually help a lot.

I thought it was colored pencil, but I couldn't duplicate the effect. Now that you mention it, I probably did adjust the contrast and brightness before I started playing with filters as the original image had a very bright background and somewhat dark faces.

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