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|-Grunge Heart Tutorial-| Updated 10.15.09


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Okay, with this tutorial you'll get an end result like this:

(sorry, it's a .png...)


PLEASE, please post your results, and I also urge you (politely? xD) to variate it. Thanks! =)

And...here's the video.

Recorded using Camtasia.



You need the following plugins:

Boltbait's Lumography Plugin

Drop Shadow Plugin


A splatter brush plugin, available here.

ABRViewer to convert the PS brushes to be made usable in PDN, tutorial for converting is here:

You'll also need parchment and heart stocks.



1-) New image (ctrl+n) at 800x600 pixel dimensions. :FileNew:

2-) Open (ctrl+o) the parchment stock and select a portion of the texture, copy (ctrl+c), and paste (ctrl+v) the image onto the Background layer of the new image.


3-) Duplicate Background layer (parchment).:DuplicateLayer:


4-) Use Boltbait's Lumography with the slider set to maximum settings on the duplicated layer.


5-) New layer. :AddNewLayer:

4-) Open the heart stock, select the portion with the heart in it, and copy and paste onto layer 2 of the new image.

5-) Rotate the heart so it's an an angle, about 45 degrees.

7-) Use the color picker tool :ColorPicker: on the edge of the heart on the heart layer (layer 2).

8-) Use the custom brush effect and use the splatter brushes at size 400, with the red color that you got with the color picker. :ColorPicker:

9-) Make it look somewhat like this:


10-) Finish by clicking okay.

11-) Duplicate layer 2 (heart). :DuplicateLayer:

12-) Set the blend mode on the original layer 2 to Multiply.

13-) Set the blend mode on the duplicated layer 2 to Difference.

14-) Use the drop shadow effect with these settings:


15-) Duplicate the un-lomography'd, original background layer.

16-) On the duplicated layer, use Boltbait's Lomography at -14.

17-) Set the blend mode for the 2nd duplicated Background layer to Darken.

18-) Okay...Uhm...I never rename layers, so it gets confusing xD But bear with me:

On the duplicated background layer, the other one, which should be the 3rd layer up from the bottom at this point...set the blend mode to overlay.

Got it?


19-) Okay, and...you're done! =D Save as a .PNG with maximum quality.

Thanks! :D

PLEASE guys, give me credit if you do this and show someone. Not that I made it, just that you did it from a tutorial. Thanks. :D

Also, try playing around with the transparency and blend modes. I got some interesting effects from that. :)

Updated (June 19th, 2009); I just found out that the custom brushes plugin as now considered archaic, so...new link for custonbrushes mini.


-I may have not been here when you passed away, but you will be missed.-

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That`s really great!I like it.

I agree with Ouchy_s though about having it put into text but only because it would be easier to follow and if you need to go back over something it just means scrolling up the page instead of playing around with the vid to get where you want to be. :wink:



Please feel free to visit my Gallery on PDNFans

And my Alternatives to PDN

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I love you :D


Wow, I like the Joseph one. :shock: Nice.

...I think I messed up in the text tut. Can someone re-write it for me? ><"


by text tut she means written, not a video. Not the way your thinking.



-I may have not been here when you passed away, but you will be missed.-

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Nice! ^^

I would suggest to everyone, watch the video...I think I screwed up in the text a bit...><"

I'll rewrite it tomorrow, it's no problem. :P

Everyone has done it right so far, so...don't worry! ^^


-I may have not been here when you passed away, but you will be missed.-

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i luved how it looked so i did 1, however i did it quite a bit diffrent

the paper seems useful so i made it into a brush..and i drew/colored my own heart

put sum alpha displacement on the paper tht i edged using flames then bevel and added cracks and stuff. a bit more complicated then tht but thts the basic


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