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  1. by text tut she means written, not a video. Not the way your thinking.
  2. I didnt rip <No cursing.>, i didnt say I created it, i said i found the effect. so its not ripping <No cursing.>. I dont see any copyrights on your examples saying it wasnt made by you. If a tutorial is here and you make it, then your the one who made it, not the original creator. I found the effect here, so i gave credit where its Do, i didnt go and say "Oh I made this effect", I said I found it. Comprehend what you read next time.
  3. Watch me making it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pC_7ykhGG-8
  4. My girlfriend xP the heart didn't come out good when i put her in it, but this was my first try with just the heart: and last my name:
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