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will this program help me?

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Please excuse my ignorance about all of this, first of all, but I am kind of old and this is all new to me! I use microsoft paint and in searching for an upgrade I was directed here. I do not want to do anything with photos. I want to be able to do simple things like insert common symbols, like an arrow, for instance, then be able to turn and adjust its position. What I do now is go back and forth between Microsoft Word's drawing function and Paint but still some things are just missing. I know these programs I am currently using are rudimentary but that is actually good for me as I am not a practiced computer person. Will this program serve my needs? Thank you in advance for your kindness in answering me. V

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yes if you are just drawing arrows for sure.... and it can do ever so much more.

open your original picture

make sure your layers box is showing (if its not along top where it says file, edit, view etc clik windows and then click the reset windows locations.

add a transparent layer (in the layers box :AddNewLayer: the furthest little icon on the left

clik the line tool :LineCurveTool: (see up along it says tool brush width style. you can change the ends of the lines to arrows .....)

if you want a curved line there are 4 nubs on that line you should try pulling on them just as a test.

its best to do your lines on separate layers in case you want to go back and erase them out.

when you have edited picture with arrows to your satisfication

along top file and save as .jpg or png

program will ask you if you want to flatten just say yes but remember its not reversible so be sure you have where you want arrow.



welcome to the forum

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If you're after the ability to insert symbols from fonts, then try my WhichSymbol+ plugin (link below my signature). The Wingdings and Wingdings3 fonts in particular have a number of nice built-in arrows.

Here is the link to the help-thread for installing plugins: viewtopic.php?p=11889#p11889

Once you have your arrow drawn, you can rotate the it (I mean the layer it is on) by selecting the move tool :MoveTool: (hint: hit the M key) and then hold down the right mouse key & move the mouse. To rotate about the arrow itself, select it first with the magic wand :MagicWandTool: (hint: Shift + S keys) and then use the Move tool :MoveTool: with the right mouse key.

If you're fiddling with the position and rotation of a number of symbols/arrows, I recommend putting each on a separate layer so that one rotation/move does not affect other symbols/arrows. Hit F1 to lead you to the help files wherein layers and much more will be explained :wink:

Oh, and welcome to the forum!

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