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Im so over the water plugin

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You know, I am not an idiot. I am a very intelligent person, however, the tut for the sunset is incomplete, there are steps that you can clearly see that are not included in the tut. For instance, when the water is added, there is 1/4 white at the top and bottom of the color, how that is achieved, gee, I dont know, Im a newbie. I have been working on this and working on this and I have not gotten anywhere. Someone on this site has to have a step by step guide on using the water reflect. Am I going to find that person is the million dollar question.

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Whoa whoa whoa!

Are you complaining about the quality of Ash's Sunset Tutorial? Do you realize how much work and effort was put into that tutorial? Ash deserves the rights to not reveal the full method behind his artwork. It is not our goal to try and teach a user our technique from the head down. That tutorial leaves room for expansion and growth, it allows the user to try and explore Paint.NET, to discover the program and its capabilites for themselves.

Now then, if you really think you can't put yourself through the process of figuring something out yourself, give us a picture, some details on what exactly you are trying to achieve, and leave out the negativity. I am sure you will find the answer to your 'million dollar question'.


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First of all, the purpose of a tut is to show how to come to the end point, meaning the finished product. Maybe the tut is not for beginners, as I have followed step by step the tut and it has not come out as it should. Im not knocking the creator Im simply stating that if you're going to have a tut, it should be complete. If you go and view the tut, you will see that steps were left out for when I completed a step it doesnt look the same as the layer from the tut, meaning that a step must have been left out. Im just trying to learn how to use the program. You can go to the basics and view everything, but it doesnt give you step by step instruction. For example, I had no idea to use the linear tool along with gradient to get a certain look, I racked my brain trying all sorts of options and did not accomplish it, I finally had to ask and someone directed me to use linear. Gee, that wasnt in the tutorial. Now, Ive been attempting to do this water plugin, all week, probably even longer. Im at step 8, it says make new layer, move layer down, fill with color of ocean, I have done this, then it says, do the sun before moving on, did that, now it says use water plugin, when I do this, I go to effects, go down to distort, go to water, click on it, immediatley the water at the bottom becomes transparent, I then begin to adjust sliders, nothing happens accept for the distance, there are no ripples, waves, nothing,the diagram shows when this is done the water is now with the previous layer, my water is not. When I emerge the two, the water layer overpowers the previous layer. There you have it. No disrepect to ASH at all. The tut is great if I can just get all the steps to complete it.

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look over on the side where he shows the layers. are you doing the water plug in on the layer with the clouds or the layer with the blue?

it should be the layer with the clouds. the top layer in his picture is the one highlighted and that's the one to work on. not necessary to write it all out.

the very nature of the way the water plugin works is to make a reflection semi transparent and you will alway require a layer of some opaque (in this case blue) in a layer below.

a little tip when you are doing a tut keep an eye on the upper right corner of the tut post. sometimes you will run into older written tuts. They are still valid but there may be some newer versions of plugins and so some steps and settings might be different.

its usually best if you run into a difficult spot in the tut to include a screen shot with your question. That way we can all see what's going on. saves everyone loads of grief, usually its just a little minor change you need to do.

ciao hope that helps

if not we really need to see a screen shot from you.

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Okay, no. I'm not allowing this thread to continue.

Questions about a tutorial? Post it in the tutorial. We'll be glad to help.

Complaints about a tutorial? Keep it to yourself. If it were egregious enough, we'd have locked it before.

The tutorials were not written to be perfect for you. I'm sorry, you may have to learn something. Like, how to ask questions.

I'm so over this thread


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