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  1. Hey everyone... Im creating e-cards and I have an image that has rain coming down but Im not sure how to keep the rain coming down in paint. Can someone tell me how to do this? When I pull my image from my storage site(tinypic) and place it in Paint, it is no longer raining. I hope someone can help me. Lady Angela
  2. Hey everyone, I created a header for my webpage, but I can't seem to be able to upload it to the site. Someone said something about having a template from the site. I have no idea what they are talking about. Thought you guys could assist me... URL text I made my website on webs.com....my website is teamheart.biz...I just want to add this header... Thanks
  3. First of all, the purpose of a tut is to show how to come to the end point, meaning the finished product. Maybe the tut is not for beginners, as I have followed step by step the tut and it has not come out as it should. Im not knocking the creator Im simply stating that if you're going to have a tut, it should be complete. If you go and view the tut, you will see that steps were left out for when I completed a step it doesnt look the same as the layer from the tut, meaning that a step must have been left out. Im just trying to learn how to use the program. You can go to the basics and view eve
  4. You know, I am not an idiot. I am a very intelligent person, however, the tut for the sunset is incomplete, there are steps that you can clearly see that are not included in the tut. For instance, when the water is added, there is 1/4 white at the top and bottom of the color, how that is achieved, gee, I dont know, Im a newbie. I have been working on this and working on this and I have not gotten anywhere. Someone on this site has to have a step by step guide on using the water reflect. Am I going to find that person is the million dollar question.
  5. ladyangelamarie


    I believe the water reflections is the correct one. I got help with the color burn, I still can not get the water to appear or anything. There has to be steps left out in this tutorial, if so, Im so beyond angry...as I have been working on this for days. Do not publish tuts if they are incomplete. How is a newbie suppose to learn the difference?
  6. Yes, its just blue the color of water. Transparent, Im not sure. I dont know what Im doing, but I am back tosquare one, now the water plug isnt working at all, that flip vertical didnt work either. Thanks for your help guys. I will just attempt to do thison my own.
  7. Well, Id like to give this a try...sounds like fun...
  8. Your work is really nice. Im really a newbie, I use to use, photoshop, my computer crashed, never got another one, so now Im using PN. I likeit, I just need to figure out how to use everything. Awesome work.
  9. http://i559.photobucket.com/albums/ss33 ... fac5a2.jpg How do I accomplish this effect? Can someone please tell me.
  10. ladyangelamarie


    Step number 5, I cant seem to get that gradient. How do I do it? Step 9, the water plugin, I cant seem to get these either. HELP!!!!
  11. This is the one I am using, however, the dark part of my water is at the top, when I merge down, it covers everything that I did. Guess I will just play with it. Thank you for the assistance. God Bless you.
  12. Can someone give me the step by step instructions on using the water plugin please?
  13. That was so very sweet of you. Thank you very much. God Bless you.
  14. Sorry about that, didnt realize I was not in the correct area. My apologies.
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