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Covering a branch with a texture

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I got a branch I made not so long ago (look below, and after using the Line/Curve tool to give it shape, I stopped and was thinking. Because I don't got any idea of how to cover the branch with a bark/trunk texture. I didn't even make a texture for it yet.


If any of you know or have an idea, maybe just a tip or trick that may help me, I would be very happy. I know that Ash made a tutorial of how to make wood, but the result is more ideal for indoor wood/cutted wood than for a branch. To help you some more, i uploaded the pdn file. Download it by clicking here!

Thanks for reading & replying if you do that :)

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Add a new layer. Put the texture in the new layer, flatten and erase the red :D

I think you mean erase the red and then flatten. :-) Though I don't recommend flattening until the end.


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wand outside that image and then control +I leave the selection active until the very end.

add a transparent layer (this way if you make a boobboo you don't loose your drawing)

If I'm not sure about coloring something or have some doubt I usually start with clouds. here black and a golden brown you need real rough. 115 top slider 100 second slider

true blur at 5.87 ( think this is one of Ed Harveys plugins although it could be included in the basic paint.net now)

add a new transparent layer remember leave that selection active.

use bevel plugin (BoltBaits pkg.) try a goldish brown on top slider and a bit darker goldish brown on bottom slider used 5 default setting here then adjust your transparency, get used to using the transparency in BoltBaits pkg of plug ins you will thank me later for having more control.

merge your layers down.

make a duplicate layer of the merged branches

and gassiaun blur at 2.

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well, I liked the look of yours Oma, except I thought it looked a bit too smooth, so to roughen it up some more, after using clouds, I duplicated the layer, and used relief...then right when I was finishing up, the power flickered and my computer rebooted lol so I said heck with it

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no you didn't really #1 you did not wand outside the black lines then control +I

tha't why you have the outline still and

#2 you didn't bevel or not enough your trunks and tree limb don't show any roundness.

#3 it doesn't appear as if you gassiaun blured the bottom duplicate.

if you go back and do it again

you can rough it up after the gassiaun blur by making another layer and using dents at that point on the top copy.


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Thanks for noticing, Oma. Here is the second attempt:


I tried dents on it, but it didnt help much. There must be some way to make it look more real on. But I am ok with the result so far. Thank you for the help. :)

And here I tried using relief, as Curmudgeon mentioned:


For some reason it didn't really seem to help in the end, but I tried :wink:

Any suggestions, tips or tricks are very welcome. That was why I started this topic. :mrgreen:

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Good news! Today I experimented with my branch and with a grunge texture I found and here is the result :)


I like it better than before myself, because it's now more in the "I-am-a-branch-which-has-been-hanging-on-a-tree-outside-day-and-night-in-many-years" style, if you know that style. :P

comments, suggestions & ideas are very welcome :)

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