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Tilted Text Effect (3D)


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Okay, You may know me from the Oma's sig tutorial, but im here with a text effect that cane be acheived in 6 simple steps!

But first, your gonna need these plugins,

PyroChilds Plug-In Pack


KrisVDM's Plug-In.


When all is said and downloaded, lets get started!

Step One:

Open up a new document. :FileNew:

Step Two:

Add a new layer. :AddNewLayer:

Step Three:

Write your text on the new layer. Make sure its not Black or Grey :TextTool:

Step Four:

Rotate/zoom :RotateZoom: it at these settings.

Angle: 0.00

Twist Angle: 90.00

Twist Radius: 41.51

Everything else default and hit OK

Step Five:

Drop shadow at these settings:

Offset X: 0

Offset Y: 5

Everything else on default and hit OK

Step Six:

Outline Object at default settings, use colour black and hit OK

If i knew how to get a box 'o' outcomes i would add one. This is my finished product


If there are any concerns, please ask.

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How about some required screenshots?

Please read the rules. Thanks.


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