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  1. I love your originality... good modification here is mine; from The new game Star wars: The old republic;
  2. Here is two new pics, my apologies for double post.... 4rth of july theme Hidden Content: Hidden Content: Hidden Content: This last one is a signature for anything lol...
  3. Thanks i was trying todo that for a tee shirt but now it works for a screen saver.... i am little rusty. but if you can link some good tutorials for me i would appreciated it.
  4. haha, star wars ftw.... o.O... thanks! if you click on my links in my sig you can see more, or add me on facebook or myspace. .
  5. Hidden Content: Hidden Content: Hidden Content: Hidden Content: Hidden Content: Hidden Content: Hidden Content: Hidden Content: Hidden Content: Hidden Content: Hidden Content: EDIT:NEW image ADDED***** Special thanks@sarkut
  6. i love your work. You are pro at this... sending some love. Thanks for you commenting on my small gallery, im still learning. ~Devon
  7. been having trouble with highlights, and giving volume to objects like plastic bottle. i cant seem to judge where the highlights should be how big and etc...
  8. i made this heart and flip the color 2 other times for my shop. a couple of days old.
  9. Another thing i having trouble with giving volume to objects like the bottle.... Hidden Content: ] heres what i got close too...
  10. Hidden Content: Like this one or a plastic pop bottle in general the texture does'nt matter really.
  11. i was trying to create a plastic pop can bottle.... i was trying it out myself but i know no methods on the transparancy or other ways. can anyone link useful tut for such a thing? or help me in some way?
  12. All those images are deleted and gone, so this is redickless. lol. can you fix it, ya it helps that i have a visual aid.
  13. Heres my crack at it!! woot. Its sexy
  14. Kazam! You become so happy that you go crazy and you cant stop laughing or smiling. Why so serious? I wish i could have laid with any girl i want as much as i want.
  15. Sweet.... def going go need this. ive hit concrete physically so many times lol.
  16. GalaHAZ! it happens and paint.net neither any editor can Reconize the file type so you have to start all over. I wish i was a master a paint.net
  17. This took me a long time, but im getting better. You'll see progress... I forgot about this picture. Hidden Content:
  18. I dont mean to be a pain but i just finish this. Comments?
  19. How is one going to get better at this. So much to learn, yet i wanna learn it all at once. I mean theres so many combinations for effects and original ideas. I'm just experimenting still. How could i develop my own techinques and get better, by reading tutorials? Or should i spend hours with paint.net, gah.
  20. my apologies, personally all the ones above my post are pro style.
  21. Yea that pretty cool. Heres my attempted: Nooby style... lol heres a better one. Yea that was fun to make.
  22. If you dont want this post here admin you can deleted it. This is a bunch of experiments and goofy/noob design i made. im sure other noobs can post there pics. All in good fun though, of course some constructive criticism is needed. here we go... There was a lot of texture i used in this one, i just try a bunch of different effects. Hidden Content: Yea, i thought it looked cool, but i got a weird taste. Too much freetime too. This was really fun to make and now to look at, its my rending of a galaxy. Hidden Content: So far so gold the next three are stuff i looked up how todo and created myself, step by step. the rest of the ones i have are real basic..... but im going to stop at the next three. i will post more and make more, if allowed. This one i just created, i was having some trouble with the pupil/paneling. Hidden Content: This was fun too... Hidden Content: I did this one with clouds, easy real easy. No i did not use the fire render plugin, bah. Thanks! I'll post more later, need some good feedback. Heres my shop too: http://www.skreened.com/atomik Would you guys be so kindly as to give me some tips on my shirts and apperal. . Edit: Wanted to add one more here it is, its a sig for my WoW guild. Yea i had a lot of fun doing this one. yea.
  23. Im new to Paint.net community. i created logo for my shop, of course im still getting a crash corse on this stuff, but i still manage todo, well somthing. Call me Devon, ty . i'll work on my sig later. I got three versions of this. [1] [2] [3] Tell me, what you think looks better too... Not bad for a noobie eh? Thanks! EDIT: Resizing they where too big, i am sry
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