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  1. WARNING: Enter at your own risk! Some parts here are explicit. P.S. My channel, VeryFunnyAdverts, is my alternate account from my account BoogsterSU (click link on my signature). I'll be uploading a new 5-minute bundle of funny commercials every Friday! :wink:
  2. That's interesting to know! I own a 3G iPod Nano, and I decided to integrate one of my favorite MP3 players and one of my favorite characters into one!
  3. 7.5/10 Kinda good, but your thread title is a little "April Fools-y". Since it's over, I think you can change the title back to the way it was before!
  4. Thanx! However, my brain goes blank because I don't know when v4.0 will be releasing...
  5. See, even cartoon characters like Charlie Barkin here loves iPods! Hey, Charlie, I used you as a silhouette! Check it out!!! My best composition! Note to moderators and administrators: All iPods Go to Heaven!
  6. Cool! I saw all of these images on your deviantART profile and it looks astounding! 8)
  7. Now, this one is for the little children. Sorry, adults! Here is my artwork of characters you might know from TV and the animation style you might know from the animators. All of these are inspired. But however, all of these are uploaded by me in DeviantART. Hint: Click on the images for original location! (except for 2nd image) :wink: This is my only Deviation that's my best and highest composition ever yet! All others are just doodled while I was bored! Bolt/Beethoven Crossover Poster; BOLThoven! The next image is classified as my funniest Deviation I uploaded! You gotta laugh at this one! Family Guy/ADGTH Crossover Comic Funny - Hartman Style!! Heaven's First ULTra (Wiki this) Ever Built! Wish They'd Exist in My City... Now, the image below you will see is just like the 2nd one on top, but here, it's Charlie Barkin from ADGTH having an angry discussion with the creator. Come on, kids, laugh as hard as you can! You love cartoons so much like me! Charlie B. Barkin - Butch Hartman (Wiki this) Style! Hey, remember the Flea Bite Cafe that first originated in the 1993 movie All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 (Wiki this)? Well, I designed a logo! The Flea Bite Logo So, as to the little children, administrators, and moderators of this forum, how do you like my images? Does it make you laugh like a child again?
  8. *ding ding ding!!!* Definitely! Love my signature results!
  9. Probably because little children are experiencing with this tutorial and the software. This lets off from the violence. :wink:
  10. "And ponies?" I think it adds a little bit of comedy into it. Made me laugh so hard! P.S. Rick may be right, I might not be joking. I'm still concerned, though.
  11. Try testing it on a small piece of paper! You can draw a picture of a cartoon face but you're simulating yourself trying to draw the PERFECT circle. Reply back if you think it might work!
  12. ...place for San Francisco to call home, you'll meet 2 dogs, Charlie and Itchy. (P.S. referencing All Dogs Go to Heaven, my fave movie! ) But they both were born in...
  13. Spending $2000 on Photoshop so you can do Smudging? Nope. I don't think so! Now we have a plugin just for PdN. Nice job, pyro! My friend!! 8)
  14. Maybe if, in the next version (version 4), there might be an invention for tool plugins. Or was it just me?
  15. Wonder if we can have more features of the Clone Stamp Tool? Maybe a plugin that has more custom brushes, adjustments, and anti-aliasing en/disabled for The Clone Stamp Tool. Because that would be more awesome if there's a plugin for that! Is it possible to create that?
  16. Oops!! :oops: Sorry, I thought almost all of us had better computers. Sorry. I'll resize it, soon, until my work is done! Ok?
  17. THANK YOU USED HONDA CARS!! By the way, thank you Charlie B. Barkin for being a good boy with this thready forumy post!! Yo know who he is? Guess who he is on!
  18. Ewww....you're making me sick! But interesting tutorial!
  19. It's Actually Pronounced The X.O.G., and No One Shall Guess What It Means... :twisted: *sigh* too far...too far.
  20. Nice plugin! Now let's sparkle our teeth, without any brushing!!
  21. Good. Now let's render it on our photos of our outdated rooms!
  22. Charlie B. Barkin to claw on ceiling cats. But his pal is...
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