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  1. Thats me, my dad and my brother in Cornwall
  2. :o its the windows messenger bored, around the DP :o
  3. I've called it 'Tilted Text effect' Thanks for the inspiration!
  4. Thanks m2lucky, i really like your tutorials too
  5. Okay, You may know me from the Oma's sig tutorial, but im here with a text effect that cane be acheived in 6 simple steps! But first, your gonna need these plugins, PyroChilds Plug-In Pack viewtopic.php?f=16&t=21706 KrisVDM's Plug-In. viewtopic.php?f=16&t=22881 When all is said and downloaded, lets get started! Step One: Open up a new document. Step Two: Add a new layer. :AddNewLayer: Step Three: Write your text on the new layer. Make sure its not Black or Grey Step Four: Rotate/zoom it at these settings. Angle: 0.00 Twist Angle: 90.00 Twist Radius: 41.51 Everything else default and hit OK Step Five: Drop shadow at these settings: Offset X: 0 Offset Y: 5 Everything else on default and hit OK Step Six: Outline Object at default settings, use colour black and hit OK If i knew how to get a box 'o' outcomes i would add one. This is my finished product If there are any concerns, please ask.
  6. Question on your font in your current sig.. Whats it called? Even better what link
  7. Your right Goodfella, Short but a good outcome. Mine isnt as good cos i did it quick and i didnt have a very round text.. I'm gonna download one now
  8. Hi guys. I'm just wondering if any of you know how to make MadJiks signature?? Or MadJik himself... I look at it and i say 'I want it D:' So if any of you could tell me how he did it, I'd be very thankful.
  9. I agree OFFTOPIC:Mryddin.. Where in sheffield are you? I'm in sheffield too..
  10. Got a tutorial for the current one? This is my try