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How do you border your text?

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I'm not a pro at this but here's my way. Someone else may have better/easier way.

1) Type your text in PDN

2) Hold Ctrl key and select Magic Wand and select each letter.

3) Make a new layer.

4) Go back to original text which is still selected (crawling ants thing)

5) ....Copy and Paste can be found under Edit...

6) Copy and then select the new layer and Paste to the transparent layer. Then Edit>Deselect

7) Remain on this layer.

7a) Under Effects>Object>Outline Object you can chose your color, radius, and strength

This is a great plugin which I use a lot. Hope this helps.

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rtargo20, its easier to write text on its own layer, then outline.. :wink:

Some_Mad_Hope, Download pyrochilds plugin pack (its stickied in the plugin section) and install it. Write your text on its own layer and use Effects > Object > Outline Object. Its pretty simple once you know how. :wink:

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NOOO!!! Seriously! do it on something much easier like power point! SOOO MUUCH EASIER!

I wasted so many hours trying to get it right on paint.net until the lightning of genius struck me! you can easily manipulate text and effects in power point! save the slide as .jpg et voilà!

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