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Selective Toning v1.0


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Hi again!

And now my 2nd plugin:

Selective Toning (to be found in the 'Color' submenu)

User Interface:






Just before posting I saw the similarity to the "Advanced Color Replacement" plugin. I still decided to post my one here, because it features some what more configuration possibilities, a blending mode selector and the possibility to use the alpha channel. The last feature enables one to use this plugin similarly like the great "Color to Alpha" plugin.

This plugin is once again entirely written using the fantastic "Code Lab" plugin -- thank you, Bolt Bait!


Downloads: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xi707rcu0qf57lv/Selective_toning_v1.0a.zip?dl=0


Source files (for programmers): https://www.dropbox.com/s/qtij2zk4ex20lit/Selective Toning v1.0a Source.zip?dl=0




Best regards,


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Rehosted images - Thanks to ReMake

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