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  1. Sorry for taking away the "Kill Color" name first. I would really be interested in the source code if possible. Nice plugin!
  2. I am afraid that Paint.NET at the current state is the right tool for this task, since it does not possess batch functions right now. One cannot write an effect/adjustment plugin which is conform to the rules and resizes an image. It could be written as an IO plugin though, but would not make much sense. You still would have to open each file and then save it. Maybe use Paint.NET for editing (before/afterwards) and take a look at the image magick suite for the resizing part. (Free command line tools, that are designed to do such kind of batch jobs -- like resizing and compressing). Don't get
  3. Description: This plugin removes a color from the selected part of the image and tries to find a substitution for it by analyzing the surrounding parts. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/exmcdhpt35e07j5/Kill_color_v1_1.zip?dl=0 Source code (for programmers): https://www.dropbox.com/s/wgaptwrkqyz68pf/Kill Color_source_v1_1.zip?dl=0 Changelog v 1.1: * BUGFIX: "Tone Amount" now working as supposed * New option "Keep only pixels that changed" added => very useful duplicate layer first, use plugin on new layer with this option checke
  4. There is no need to search for it on rapidshare. It is linked as a downloadable zip archive in my first post. Just click on it and download it.
  5. Hi all! I tried to access the Clipboard in the OnRender section with this: IDataObject idat; lock(this) { idat = Clipboard.GetDataObject(); } // idat == null <- this happens every time I used a try block before, the simplified code is just for testing. There is no exception thrown, but I always just get the null, no matter what is stored inside of the clipboard. I also included a demand for UIPermission including AllClipboard. This does not help. I am using VS2008 pro if that matters. Is it somehow possible to read content from the clipboard? I hope you can help me out.
  6. Ok, my third plugin is something I always wanted to have. Something to fill parts deleted from an image based on the surroundings: Fill Gaps v1.0 (found in the "Render" submenu) Demo 0 -- The extreme case (Done with default parameters): Demo 1 -- The simple case (Similar colors at the border, done with default parameters): Demo 2 -- Combination with plugin "Selective Toning" (Overlap: 20, Precision: 20) User Interface: Hints on usage: * The plugin will try to fill everything transparent in the selected region. S
  7. Hi again! And now my 2nd plugin: Selective Toning (to be found in the 'Color' submenu) User Interface: Demo: Just before posting I saw the similarity to the "Advanced Color Replacement" plugin. I still decided to post my one here, because it features some what more configuration possibilities, a blending mode selector and the possibility to use the alpha channel. The last feature enables one to use this plugin similarly like the great "Color to Alpha" plugin. This plugin is once again entirely written using the fantastic "Code Lab" plugin -
  8. Thanks a lot! @LFC4EVER: UI Screenshot has been added.
  9. Hi everybody! After browsing for some plugins and finally taking a look at "Code Lab", I eventually decided to create my own plugin: (to be found in the "Color" submenu) *Updated V1.1* Blending Modes directly applicable Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o10l8o28xcc3n51/selective_enhancement_v1.1.zip?dl=0 Source code (for programmers): https://www.dropbox.com/s/dkf5x9ohhtchzvl/selective_enhancement_source_1_1.zip?dl=0 It will spread out or push together colors close to the selected one and was useful for some of my manipulations. The two foll
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