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Outer glow

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If you've got the guy on a seperate layer (otherwise, achieve that first), make a new layer below the guy but on top of the background. Then select the guy layer, use magic wand on the area around the guy, invert the selection and switch to the new made (glow) layer. Then use the fill tool with the color you want the glow to be on the still selected area. Now use gaussian blur; the higher the radius of the blur, the higher the radius of the glow :D

Move to General Discussion, btw.

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Ooh, Oooh, I know a really easy way. Drop Shadow, set the X and Y axis' to "0" and set the glow blur or size or whatever it is to whatever suits your mood. Pick a color and you're done.

BTW, that used to be my sig on another message board lol.

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yeah....but anyways i guess i can tell ya.....

1 creat a new layer.....

2 put the rendering in the new layer....

3 duplicate it

4 on the rendering that is in the bottom use the the

Contrast/brightnest to put it dark/White...depends

on the colour of the outerglow you want....

5 use gausian blur on that white/black layer...

6put the background as you want

7finnished....go get a sanduich and eat ^^

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