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  1. Vibrato? I didn't use vibrato! You want a tut on this? cause it's really simple I know you didn't, it's just...woah lol. I was thinking of Moire lol, sorry.
  2. This plug-in has me speechless ... just ... wow ... just wow.
  3. Is there any possible way we could use this effect to outline objects instead of the work itself? Not sure if you understand what I mean, if you don't, ask, and if you do, please help me out. It would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Exactly what I'm looking for! Thanks.
  5. You all know how Red Eye Removal works, it takes the red out and makes it gray or black. Well, is there a way someone could write a Plug-In that would make it so you could take any color with that same tool and make it gray or black? Just wondering ... TIA.
  6. Nevermind. I needed to delete the old version entirely and then re-install the program with the framework. That fixed it. Thanks for the help though Rick.
  7. That's all it gave me. I don't know why it would only give me the second half, but I can try it again.
  8. This is what the problem seems to be. I'm not a techy guy though, so if someone who knows what that means could help me, it would be awesome.
  9. I had an installation problem as well. Except mine included a fatal error, and a whipe of all of my Paint.NET files. Any help? Please.
  10. If you add a little glow you can do stuff like this;
  11. Alright then, sorry, I didn't think it was, so I was just asking.
  12. I'm rather new to the program, but I was wondering if there is an animation program for Paint.NET, I know there are plenty for PhotoShop, but I can't find one for Paint.NET. If anyone knows of one, you help is greatly appreciated. And any mod can delete this if it's been done before, with my apologies in advance.