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A alpha channel question for a tut

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Hello everyone,

I all ready have this odd feeling this is going to be locked because I've probably missed

the tut somewheres along the line... but I'm gonna give it a shot any way.

Yes, I am a beginner, but I've worked with other software programs and always do my

best to find the answer if I don't have to ask... but, I can't really find anything on the

search section about a particular question I'm needing help with. I like challenges, so

I was looking into the

(A tut on a tut possibly :? )

Mike Ryan Signature Tutorial:


There is a step that confuses me, but as soon as I can figure out what it means, I'm sure I

can get the rest. If anyone can give me and idea at least, I will leave you all alone, I

promise. :oops:

Here is the steps:

(I get this, and have the alpha mask plug, as where it should be on my computer)

#3 After you have built the body of your signature, open up Alpha Mask found in your object

submenu. If there is already a file directory in the plugin dialog [see Sample] then reset Alpha


(This one confuses me all to pieces)

#4 Set your plugin to remove black. This should cleanly remove the black from the image

leaving pure white. Set the original layer - Signature Body - to hidden. We are keeping this

layer for archiving purposes only, including Alpha Masking later down..

THE QUESTION(s): How do you set your plugin to remove black?

Is the signature layer selected as your doing the alpha channel?

I'm getting that maybe the image your creating is made in black and then set to white using the alpha channel?

These are the only questions I have for this tut.

I know, I know... I'm putting too much on my plate... I'm an "unheathy artist". :oops:

All I asking for is a little help. I don't care if it gets locked as I don't wanna be locked out of

the forums all together. This is my first question post. I've done a few tutorials on all kinds of

things, so I just thought to step it up a bit with something a little more challenging. Well...

Mike Ryan did a good job with the challenge part. :)

Any help is appreciated. Thank you for your time. :)


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I thought tutorials where locked because too many people were asking questions that needed to be answered on in a question forum section instead. :?

Ok, I will post thread in same forum. :oops:

Edit: It's been locked. I guess I can talk to Mike or something. :oops:

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Ask questions about a tutorial in the thread for that tutorial. If it doesn't apply, ask it here.


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Yay! Thank you very much! :)

I was a little hesitant on putting a question on here.

The question(s) need to be posted on the thread from which

it relates to a tutorial. But yet, the one I wanted to post on

is locked. So that's why I posted here. Again, thank you! :)

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