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I am trying to make a jpeg with text and add the jpegs to a dvd. When I copy and paste paragraphs into the text tool it does not automatically create new lines its all in one long line. Is there a plugin that makes the text tool better so that you can copy and paste paragraphs into paint.net? Something else to I would like to be able to use and make presets in paint.net like 720x480 for NTSC dvd.

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Welcome dreadd.

As you may have guessed, Paint.NET is no text editor. To work around this, you can either:

  • - import the picture into your preferred word processor, and type/copy/paste as and when; or
    - take a screenshot of the text and paste that screenshot into Paint.NET. From there, you can remove the background (
[1]* or [2]) and place the text where you wish. Do remember to have the text on it's own layer to ease the task.

Paint.NET is not the best tool if you wish to take on a heavy text-based workload, however, you can find ways around this, as stated above.

*an excellent tutorial for alpha masking, if you're unsure of the process, resides here: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=5276

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Another option for entering text is the Re-Editable Text (Beta) plugin. You can find it here: viewtopic.php?p=182911#p182911

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I tried the Re-Editable Text (Beta) plugin and it would not let me enter all the words. After some word length you cannot put in any more letters, dont know if its me or what. Looked around and got gimp and its text tool is like the Re-Editable Text (Beta) plugin but you can use as many letters/words as you want. Have not got gimp figured out yet or not sure what is going to be done with Paint.NET but looks like just normal paint is better than both for copying and pasting text into a image. Paint automatically starts a new line and the text box does not grow past the image like in gimp.

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