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The Ultimate Guide to Tags *Text Design by Yipp 8/24*


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I dont think I've seen hondas sig before. Guess i might have taken a glance before and it came back to me while i was making this new one. Does he have Samus's doppelganger in it? I saw it in an old episode of Xplay this morning XP.


[Second Attempt]

[First Attempt]

Private: Commander

Commander: Yes Private

Private: Permission to fire Sir

Commander: Permission granted


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This is more difficult than regular 'signature' making since you have to make everything look great. Well, here are my attempts.


This is kind of 'half undone' since I ran out of ideas what to do next.


This was more of a success and I think it turned out better.

I hate making backgrounds, it's so difficult.

Please advise! :?



Yes, I'm a fan. ;]

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for an update can you explain more with C4D's. I am completely lost as to how to use them. maybe even make a separate tutorial. From that picture (the C4D pack) you gave in the first post... what do you do with those (I know it sounds noobish), but do you cut one of those out, paste it into your tag, and lower the opacity? Or something else...?


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Alright I decided to stop what I was writing and add a lighting part. I see many sigs on this forum with good brushing, blending, and smudging but no good light source. Well now it's added.

I will also today be writing the clipping mask part.

And I might have Yippiyo help me out with this tutorial. If you haven't seen his latest PDN sigs here are some:




So he, if he accepts my offer, will be a huge addition to the guide.

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