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Packed Pixels Mode

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After a recent update to paint.net, it seems that images are being saved in an image format called packed pixels (P) instead of RGBA. Attached are two images that appear to be the same; however, one is in P and the other is in RGBA. The reason that this is a problem is because I use a python script to manipulate images, and the python image library used crashes when it encounters an image in P format, meaning I have to use another python script to convert my images from P to RGBA first. Is there some way to fix this so images are output in RGBA? I looked through the settings, but I couldn't find anything. In case anyone else is having this problem and wants the fix I'm using, here's the script that converts from P to RGBA:


from PIL import Image

# Open the image in "P" mode
img = Image.open('image_p.png')

# Convert the image to "RGBA" mode
img_rgba = img.convert('RGBA')

# Save the converted image



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35 minutes ago, IncandescenceSy said:

Is there some way to fix this so images are output in RGBA?


Change the Bit Depth from Auto-detect to 32-bit in the PNG save dialog.


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