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3d object recoloring (?) and tutorial request

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Hello. Well, what I'd like to know how to recolor so the 1st pic , get's to be something like 2nd.

1st -


2nd -


Also I would be very gratefull, if someone would recolor first image and post tutorial, on how he done that. I'm very new to image editing, don't even know where to start..

Thank you.

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not sure if anyone will do a tut on this as this type of thing has been covered many times in tuts.

but here is a quick recap of how I'd tackle it.

I'd make two layers of the same picture.

use the cut out the easy way tut. and cut out the portions you want color changed on. here is the link how to do that.


then use color balance and scoot the yellow up

another tut you might adapt is the Pleasantville viewtopic.php?f=15&t=4196

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I'm not exactly sure this is what you're after, but this tutorial is an excellent place to start, and will teach you lots about changing photos and images: Tone Mapping

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Thank you for help.

I'm not exactly sure this is what you're after ...
I didn't knew what i was after myself, I thought all this recoloring is done by painting and not adjusting colors :)

Well, here's the result http://img88.imageshack.us/my.php?image=yt1210akq4.png . As you see there is some silver color left: I need have done better work at cutting....

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