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BoltBait's GPU Accelerated Plugin Pack for Paint.NET v5.0 (Updated 2024-01-05)


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Hello. I have a question regarding the "Text Fun Factory" plugin.


I really really liked the previous "Outlined / Gradient Text" plugin for its simplicity, especially when it auto-aligns the text to the middle of a selected area.

However, the current "Text Fun Factory" plugin doesn't do that.

It also doesn't allow multiple lines (shift + enter—I don't know what it's called).

A lot of fonts behave strangely with each other. They overlap or spread out when they shouldn't, even after altering the settings.


Do you have any plans on adding a fixed alignment feature?



Random 30.png


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5 hours ago, Haoto said:

A lot of fonts behave strangely

You need to tell us which fonts, otherwise our lack of psychic powers prevents us from being able to investigate this

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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@Rick Brewster Sorry, I forgot to mention that.

It's practically all fonts. The letters' overlapping has no pattern.

The screenshot I posted shows the letter "o" on top of the letter "u."


@BoltBait But isn't your plugin removed for Paint.NET 5.0 and above?

Could it be that you have a separate download dedicated to this plugin?

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Hey, weird question
Every since the last few updates the feather's been broken.
Instead of feathering and it shrinking the object, and adding a blur it its place... it just shrinks the thing I'm feathering.

I have no idea what's wrong, and I think it's all done right.
It was working perfectly before, and seeing as this is the only feather plugin, I kinda need it. 
There's like... no "blur radius" I guess it could be called, and instead is acting more like the DPY's AA Assistant. 

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20 hours ago, Haoto said:

@BoltBait But isn't your plugin removed for Paint.NET 5.0 and above?

Could it be that you have a separate download dedicated to this plugin?


Here are the retired text plugins:











Both of these plugins have been removed from my plugin pack and replaced with Text Fun Factory.


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I am using the fantastic addon Outline Selection (Effects|Selection|Outline Selection).


What it does is for the selected area (even kooky strange selections) it will paint a buffer (eg 10 pixels) in a selected colour on the inside border. I do this in my special case in a yellow.


This is great. I would prefer 14 pixels in my special case, but all I do is just then select the inner area and do another 4 pixels. The tool only goes up to 10 pixels.


However, I really need it to be a dashed border, ie a dashed line of yellow and red.


That means I have to then manually go over this border, measuring 12 pixels (with the line tool) and putting a red dash along that border at whatever weird angle that border is at that point. Then I measure 12 pixel length with the line tool and leave the yellow already there.


Is there any way I am not aware of to speed this up?


Could I get the Outline Selection immediately drawing the dashed yellow/red line (at the dash length of my choice)?


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Step 1: Run the outline effect and choose yellow for the color.



Click OK


Step 2: Run the outline effect again and choose the red color changing the line style to dashed.



8 hours ago, JAA said:

The tool only goes up to 10 pixels.


You must be using a really old version. The one shipping now goes up to 100.


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Not sure if you're doing requests for new plugins at the moment (or at all), but I had a potential idea.


Something akin to the "Hue/Saturation+" plugin, but for setting the colors within the range to a predefined color.


Say you had something like this:

You can't really make a particular area transparent since the gradients would mess with things, and you can't really just make the whole thing black and white before overlaying the color change since the background isn't off-white but rather off-blue.


As such, you'd likely wanna pick a range around the pink spectrum before replacing the color... But what if you had a specific hex code in mind, and couldn't replicate it with the HSV slider? In this example, I'm gonna take 00FF90, since I'm the one who created the picture and can modify it due to that (though, in the case of this plugin, it'd be assumed that you're editing a file that was provided to you and/or saved in a state of partial destruction (layers merged, saturation/contrast/brightness/value changed, etc.) and that you lack the original layered (or otherwise unaltered) copy).


With an ideal result, you'd receive an output like this:


Obviously this won't happen every time, since you'd need understanding of how the "Hue/Saturation+" plugin works to begin with, but this could prove helpful to quite a few people.

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