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DICOM change orientation

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Hello everybody.


I have a serial of DICOM, in Axial position. When I load the serie in a 3D python array, I get a 256 x 253 x 26 array, that means, I have 26 slices.


I would like to generate the DICOM of the patient with Sagittal orientation, but I do not know how to do it.


I tried with some rotations without success.


Any sugestion please.





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With DICOM plugin and the update to new layer system, I think this is theoretically possible to solve with G'MIC plugin as it has native rotate3D command to do what you'd like.

G'MIC Filter Developer


I am away from this forum for undetermined amount of time: If you really need anything related to my PDN plugin or my G'MIC filter within G'MIC plugin, then you can contact me via Paint.NET discord, and mention me.

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