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Photo text-name/logo etc overlay method ?

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Hi I use Paint net and find it excellent-albeit receint technical load changes seem to be less swift and easily confusing-not doubt more use will make me more familiar/efficient.

I have had for some long time now a need of help "HOW does do you overlay a picture/photo with text/logo or similar. I have a need to achieve this for both marketing and protection reasons.

Sure it is a facility and not that difficult but so far it has escaped me completely-just addding to frustration.Welcome advise and/or directions please, thank you Dr Johns

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read this one


more specifically this is the post that explains watermarking

I thought ScriptLab only worked for a single image at a time?
I must hastily draw your attention to this statement from the plugin's first post:
As of July 4, 2008, ScriptLab comes with ScriptLab Batch Processor, which allows you to apply an SLS script to an unlimited number of images at once. To access it, click the Batch Processor button at the bottom of ScriptLab. if ScriptLab currently has a script loaded, that script will be loaded into Batch Processor. Otherwise, you will have to choose an existing SLS file.
Unlimited I tell ye!

and this is the plug in they refer to.


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Just getting back to basics for a moment, adding a new layer will create a new layer over the top of the currently selected layer (your image). This new layer will be transparent (see the gray/white checkered pattern?). It is this new layer that you should put your text/logo onto.

Any parts of the logo that are transparent will allow the underlying image to show through. Imagine your new layer is a sheet of glass placed over your image - anything drawn onto the glass will either allow the underlying image to be seen, or cover it up.

BTW: get into the habit of always placing text onto its own layer. It is far easier to move or re-type that way.

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