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how do i drop a car/truck?

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If I understand you correctly, you want to move the body of the truck slightly downwards. If that is what you want to do:

  • [*:2g6g0cz9]Using
this tutorial, cut out the part of the truck you want moved, and re-paste it onto a new layer on top of your original one.
[*:2g6g0cz9]With the image still selected, use the Move tool :MoveTool: and drag the bottom nub slightly downwards, until the body covers the wheels somewhat. This will alter the proportions of your truck slightly, but it's the quickest way to do this.

I hope this is what you wanted, if not, don't hesitate to ask. Good luck. :wink:

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That looks very nice! To make it look even more realistic, try to add black shadows under the car. Use the Brush tool and draw some black lines at the bottom of the car, and use Gaussian Blur :GaussianBlur: to turn the lines into shadows. Play around with it, see what you can get.

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If you mean like this:


You need to install Ed's Plugin Pack. Then you need to open your picture and duplicate the layer. Next, go to "Effects>Colour>Extract Channel..." and choose "CMYK - Yellow" (because the car is yellow) and make sure the "Grayscale" box is unchecked. Now set the edited layer's "Blending Mode:" to "Multiply" by double clicking on the layer. Install and adjust the hue and saturation by using this improved version of Hue and Saturation. Finally Erase out the parts you don't want to be affected.

Here's a PDN of it if you wanna have a look

You could do that way or you could choose the quicker way by using the Conditional Hue and Saturation Plugin, but that can sometimes yield less than professional results because how it changes the Hue and saturation is not as good as how Tanel does it.

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