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Paint.net as virtual RPG tabletop

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I use paint.net as a free virtual tabletop for the D&D 5E game that I run.  The battlemap is the bottom layer, I have an obscuring fog layer I erase as the players proceed through the dungeons.  Each player and monster has a token with its own layer.  However, moving these tokens around the map, which I am screensharing via Skype, can be tedious.  Select the layer.  Select all.  Move the token.  Is there a way or a plug-in that would allow me to define the (sometimes dozens) of tokens as objects that I can grab and move without having to switch layers?



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Hi @Bthnt & welcome to the forum :)


3 hours ago, Bthnt said:

I use paint.net as a free virtual tabletop for the D&D 5E game that I run.




PDN is not really set up to do what you ask. I know I've considered using it this way too. Plugins can only change the active layer - so they are not going to do it. 


The best I can suggest is to put the Adventurers on the same layer & move them as a group. Alternatively, use a plugin (like Paneling) to move one object then you can repeat the same move by changing layer and pressing Ctrl + F to repeat the move operation.

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