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How to save image as a pdf with transparency

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I have an image with alpha channel, like this one:


If I let it convert by online tool https://docupub.com/pdfconvert/

I get a pdf with the preserved alpha channel:



But when I want to do it directly from Paint.Net, the result is without transparency:



Is there some settings of the plugin 1632140104_ImPDF_Save.FileTypev1.4.zip

or another plugin for saving pdf from Paint.Net, which would preserve the transparency of the original png?


It is very handy because pdf with transparency can be used as "Stamp" in Adobe Reader and one can add a sign or any image to any pdf.


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Hello @bflmpsvz and welcome to the forum :)


In order to retain transparency in paint.net, you must save your 'emblem' on a transparent background and 'Save as .png'


How I made Jennifer & Halle in Paint.net

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  • Solution


Thanks for the well crafted question and topic heading.

(it makes it easier for users with similar problems to search for solutions.)


If you want to do what you are asking using Paint.NET you can download and install the 'Portable Document Format (.PDF) & Adobe Illustrator Artwork (.AI) Alternative File Type Plugin' found here:


Make sure that you read and follow the author's install procedure and note!

Also make sure that your signature is on a transparent layer and that you save using the settings illustrated below:





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Yes, this plugin saves .pdf with transparency. And Acrobat Reader tool Stamp (which can be created only from .pdf) uses that transparency. Unfortunately, Sign Tool ignores transparency and use white color as transparent. It looks like this:





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I installed the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (64-bit) and discovered that it requires a PDF image in order to make a 'Stamp' but I also found that it is possible to affix a signature by having the signature as a PNG and just paste it onto the signature space.


The problem with using a signature that was scanned or photographed from a sheet of paper is the signature will contain anti-aliasing artifacts remaining after having the software make the white paper from the photographed/scanned image transparent. The resulting image looks almost ghostly. To get a great signature you need a graphics tablet and then write your singature onto a transparent layer and make sure that anti-aliasing is disabled before you get started.  I think that best signature would be made by using a graphics tablet to create the signature into an app like Inkscape that will allow the output to be a vector image that can be saved to SVG, WMF, EMF, EPS, or XAML. I will have see how vector images can be applied within an Acrobat document.

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