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How do i re-edit the text?

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I believe your question is more about when you are in the middle of a design and you add text

to your design and you are not happy with it, how do you fix it..
Remember this golden rule:
Whenever you are using PDN for ANY design work and you use a tool adding something to your 
design work and are not happy with the outcome all you have to do is simply click the "UNDO"

option and it returns to the original state before you made a mistake.
The only time this option does not work is when you "Save" the work to the original location where

it is stored.
In any case and it is a good practice to always make a copy of the original you are working

with and practice on the copy, this way if you go beyond your scope, you have the original safely waiting.
Hope this answers your question..


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This is hardly original advice, but always (or nearly always) put the text in a separate layer. That way, if you decide to make changes to it, it's only the text that needs to be redone. Though there may be exceptions, when the text interacts in a complex way with other parts of the image, in the vast majority of cases it can be done.

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