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Feature Request: Math in Property Input Fields

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I'm allowing this in some of my applications but you are forced to start the expression with an '=' operator (like in excel cells).


BTW: OptionBased allows to add a default unit to the creation of a control (plus mappings for alternative units with factors for scaling and offset). The value will always be returned in the default unit. I.e. the Parallel lines and patterns plugin allows you to enter values in px, mm, cm, in, and pt (the tooltip shows the values in all units).

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1 hour ago, Rick Brewster said:

Can you give an example of another program that supports this? I've never seen it myself

It's in a few, like Blender. Of course, Blender is a massive super-project so I'm not sure that counts. It's nifty; I'm not sure how important it is to support here since unlike Blender, PDN isn't rife with exact editing of sliders. If it should be anywhere, I'd say the rgb and hsv boxes in the color window make the most sense of all

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