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[Feature Request] Tool halo outside of canvas

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Working on a larger screen, I often find myself "losing" the cursor as it is quite fine. (which in other means is good and fully perfect for the purpose), especially on the gray background of the non-canvas area (and having multiple screens) it can get lost quite easy.

So my simple though was: how about a halo on the backdrop, something like this:




Quite subtle but still pretty visible from the corner of the eye.


I'd be glad if you could consider this and thank you for the great software! :)

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22 hours ago, Rick Brewster said:

Your image link doesn't work


Sorry, pasted the URL in the Imgur-widget and it added another "https:/imgur.com/" (or something) or I was just too stupid - the link is now updated and works


20 hours ago, AndrewDavid said:

Hi @chru

Did you know Paint.net allows you to create your own icons and cursors?

Windows allow you to change the cursor assigned to your mouse?

Voila request granted.

The custom cursor will not show while on the canvas but while hovering over the toolbars, taskbar and menus it will appear.



No issues with the standard pointer, for me it's more an issue for the cursors with 3 px width (see above)

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