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Request: End-point matching tolerence for Line/Curve

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I've previously requested that there be a method of starting a new Line/Curve at the endpoint of the previous Line/Curve.  I now suggest a variation of that proposal. I suggest there be a tolerance value. If the starting point for the next Line/Curve is less than the tolerance pixel distance from the previous ending point, it would be forced to match the ending point. I envision a drop-down list with a range of tolerances from 0 to perhaps 2.5, with one decimal place. The initial tolerance would be 0, so that the forcing would be disabled. The name might be something like Chaining Tolerance or End-Point Matching Tolerance.

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1 hour ago, AndrewDavid said:

Have you looked at these?


I would far prefer a built-in drawing tool that allows me to draw complex curves. I'd like to be able to see the other layers and freely pan and zoom. If the Line/Curve tool allowed connected curves to be drawn, it would provide pretty much all I need.


I honestly don't understand why my requests on this subject seem to get so little support or comment. I consider it one of the greatest improvements to PDN that could be added without (I believe) a great deal of effort. It would very much increase the usefulness of the Line/Curve tool if connected curves could be drawn easily.

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34 minutes ago, Reptillian said:

Um... You're a programmer, and that's just not necessarily true. I worked on open-source project (Krita specifically) before, it takes time.


I am a programmer -- which is why I included the parenthetical "I believe." The one possible major complication I can see is that during the time the Line/Curve tool is active, the last end point would need to be part of state, and therefore part of the History state; so that Undoing a series of curves would work as expected when adding the next curve. That could be a minor matter, or it could be incompatible with the way the history data is recorded. If the latter, obviously it might require more effort than it's worth. Other than the History consideration, it's only a matter of slightly changing the manner of setting the initial point in the curve. I could be wrong about that, but don't think it's likely.


Nevertheless, I do apologize to Rick Brewster if I seemed presumptuous.


EDIT: I don't think the History angle is probably a significant problem. Undoing to the point before the last undeleted curve is finalized shows the nodes, so I think they must already be included in the History state.

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