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Trying to apply pattern to particular areas.


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I have a line drawing which I've scanned in and am using in paint.net. I'd like to apply a repeating pattern to particular parts of it. I have created a pattern in a second layer and repeated it with Layers/Repeat/Zoom/Tiling. Now the pattern appears across the whole of my image, understandably. So I need to delete it in places. I've tried the eraser but all that seems to do is grey it out, not erase it. Why on earth is that? I've also tried the paintbrush, selecting a colour of zero opacity. All I want to do is set most of the new layer back to the invisible colour, surely? But this has no effect. 


Also, is there a way to select the area in the line drawing where I want to apply the pattern automatically? I've tried the Magic Wand, and that can clearly identify it because all of my lines start flashing. But beyond getting them all to flash I can't for the life of me figure out what I'm supposed to do.


Thanks for your help.

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Try this:


1.  Have your drawing/lines on one layer.

2. Have your pattern on another layer.

3.  Select the lines with the magic wand (marching ants)

4.  Switch over to your pattern layer and Ctrl + I for Invert selection.

5.  Hit delete.  You should now have the texture inside the lines.

6.  If you want the texture in the spaces between the lines, don't invert the selection.


I hope this helps 😊


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Here's another possibility.


Erase the New Layer. Ctrl A > Delete


Place a layer filled with your pattern below your background line drawing image.


Clone Stamp from the pattern layer into the layer above the background line drawing layer.


Reset you color to full opacity first.




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