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Will there ever be an iPad version of paint.net?

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There's lots of good reasons to have an iPad port of paint.net. On-the-go painting, Apple Pencil, easy sharing, etc. There could also be an iMessage app for painting and sharing painted pictures and quick editing of a photo you want to send. It'll be good. What is your take on it? If you don't think so, tell me why. If you think so, tell me why. I really want an iPad port, since I got my Apple Pencil, and paint.net is the best drawing program that is free.

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6 minutes ago, BoltBait said:

Let me ask you a question...


Will the iPad ever run Windows?


Because... Paint.NET requires Windows.

That's true. Paint.NET would have to be essentially completely reworked. But maybe in the future. Maybe with volunteer work? Maybe if Microsoft specifically tries to get windows programs on iPad? At least if there's ever a chance to get it working not so hardly, would you take it?

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