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Need to skip the .net 4.8 install step... how?

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How do I install Paint.net while skipping the .net framework install? The .net framework install keeps crashing on me. I already have .net 4.8 installed (which is the version the paint.net installer tries to install), but the bundled .net installer keeps crashing for me on the file download step. (I had this same problem with the .net 4.8 net installer, but was able to install .net 4.8 just fine with the offline installer.)



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Multiple reinstall attempts and days of trying things later, and it still tries to do the .net framework 4.8 setup. I've checked with other programs that use the framework and they work just fine. And by it crashing, I mean it gets stuck on the .net install.


It says, "

Download progress:
[_____________________________________________] <--- empty progress bar that never moves
Downloading netfx_Full.mzz


Installation Progress:

[||____________________________________________] <--- installation bar that has two bars and then never moves
Installing necessary components for .NET Framework


[Cancel] <--- Cancel button is greyed out

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