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How to highlight?

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I've split your question into its own thread 😁


The trick is to place your text on it's own transparent layer then you can use one of the Outline plugins to give it a colored surround.


To find the plugins I mentioned, check out the Plugin Index (link in my signature).

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6 hours ago, littlebigman said:

is there a way to highlight text in a clear-cut way à la Microsoft Word, or are we still stuck with paintbrush?


No need to use the paintbrush.. A filled Rectangle or a thick enough line on a layer below your text does the job


Edit - Ninja'ed by EER with a suggestion I didn't think of

Edited by welshblue

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Note the two methods listed above give quite different results.


My single-layer method:




1. Text goes on a transparent layer. Here I've used black text.

2. Use BoltBait's Outline Object to give the text a colored surround.


@welshblue's two-layer method




1. As before, text goes on it's own transparent layer (Text Layer)

2. Add a second layer and place it BELOW the text layer (Background layer)

3. Place a filled rectangle in the second layer. Any color you like :)




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21 minutes ago, Ego Eram Reputo said:

Thy mitcurations are to me....


You've got me thinking what a great read and watch it was.   I'm going to get the 'trilogy' on the kindle and read them all again

... mind you, the way my head is lately ... I feel like I'm literally at the End of The Universe ... never mind in a Restaurant there 🤣

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