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2 Windows in one Frame ??

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Having two pictures visible at the same time. Like you can have two documents open at the same time in Word, and split them vertical / horisontal?

No, I don’t know of a way to do that in a normal installation of Paint.NET. I don’t think it is possible.

But; you can have two pictures open at the same time and easily switch between them. And you can have two pictures in separate layers. If you turn the visibility of the top layer off and on, you can compare them. And; you can adjust the transparency of the top layer so you can sort of “se true” it. Thereby comparing them.

Not what you asked for, but a suggestion.

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Can't see any harm.

Actually, I like if you have one image open, then open another image from explorer it will open in the same instance, like tabbed browsing in a web browser. (In other words it's nice as is)

But, viewing two side by side, in one instance, like an option in the "Window" menu would be great.

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