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Render Parallel lines

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*argh* This is something I should have read yesterday, before I made my parallel lines for the glass buttons presentation by hand (and line tool). *lol*

GOOD I read it now - will go to DL it immediately! :D


Just wanted to DL this plugin but after reading the whole thread I'm a bit confused as to WHICH of the versions should I download?

What I'd love to have is a plugin that helps me make kind of "ledger lines" like I used in my presentation of the round glass buttons (see my gallery for it - last post on page 1). In this image I created the lines using the line tool, and at first thought I would just make the layer with the lines invisible after I'm done but then I decided I liked it to be visible.

I remember that in PS, I only had to go to the rulers at the exact position I wanted my ledger line to be and draw it onto the canvas. That's very helpful in creating certain things where you just have to be exact. Is there a chance that PDN one day might have such a feature as well? (However, these red ledger lines in PS are always invisible in the finished picture, if I remember correctly. Here, using the lines tool, it might be time consuming, but then you can decide to keep them visible and use them as an integrated part of your picture - which would be an advantage over PS. Having both would probably be the best.) *hehe*

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