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  1. If you added a sepia tone to all the pictures then it would like even more like a real filmstrip. Just a suggestion.
  2. Actually, I think he might be wanting something along these lines: 1. Make your selection. 2. Erase it. 3. Create a new layer. 4. Move it don. 5. Paste your image and move it until it is in the hole. Your way sounds easy but you could also use the clone tool :CloneStamp: if you only wanted a small section of a picture...
  3. This is a good tutorial with a nice effect.
  4. On those kind of images you can select around the edges using the :LassoTool: and once you select around the edges you can use a gaussian blur set two and it gives the same effect...
  5. Finally! Now all we need is it to be made for all the other types of gradients.
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