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  1. Pizzow! Just as you achieve obtaining the FE Vengi on dark orbit your internet connection fails due to a CAT 4 hurricane named after your ex.
  2. Dude!! I think that I remember you but I'm kinda in the same boat as you. So since so many people are bragging on your tuts I'll have to check em out! BTW I think that this is the 3rd version of this forum that I have been on and I've got to say that it is always nice to come back and see that everything is still intact! Kudos to everyone that makes that sort of thing happen. It really makes for a genuine community.
  3. I'm glad to see the old paint.net forum is still running wild! I've been a member for a long time so it's actually more of an re-introduction. I've never really contributed much to the community in the way of tutorials or anything but I have helped out some new users from time to time and I always tell people about Paint.net. Good to see some familiar users and new ones too. Maybe I'll hang around and do some stuff!
  4. I like what i see there. I haven't made a new siggy in ages. Maybe time.
  5. Well it's been quite a while since I posted here and I still can't afford Photoshop but I love my Paint.NET!! Here is a little photo touch up that I recently finished. Let me know what you think. Before After
  6. It's a great program and easy to learn. Have fun and we'll see you around.
  7. 4/5 once again nice blending. I think that jpeg compression made it appear a bit blurry.
  8. I like what you did with the pokemon sig. The border, the drop shadow, and the stamp in the upper right corner all give this sig a lot more depth and dimension than your others sigs. Keep having fun.
  9. Doing a little tweaking to the Gallery. All sigs are now thumbnails. Still have some work to do but I'll have to get to it later.
  10. Could someone direct me to a plugin or thread that will render the canvas full of parallel lines? I've search but to no avail. Thank you.
  11. I am reaquiring your plugins after a Motherboard crash and just wanted you say thanks!
  12. Ah yes. Plugins. I remember when paint.net had very few. These are powerful little tools that extend the abilities of the program. Be patient and keep reading. It looks like you've got some good resources to investigate so I will spare you any more links. Most important - have fun. I had to have the motherbooard replaced on the old laptop and the plugins were not backed up so I have to go out and collect my favorites all over again :evil:
  13. After this... a lot of my own stuff. But this was the first item. It seems to be the cover image for an e-book.
  14. Very nice crimson! I'm gonna Have to search for a tut on some of those techniques your using there because that looks great on my desktop!
  15. Just to clarify. Entries are still intended to be icons. Is that correct?
  16. Slacker - referring to the time it takes away from real work to touch up photos ... please stop crying.
  17. You just have to be a professional slacker.
  18. Wow guys! They all look much better than anything I could produce. Expiration gets my vote for his clean and consistent composition. Icons worthy of a high end desktop.
  19. I was absolutely astounded at your deft execution of this exercise in photographic manipulation and was therefore compelled to cast my ballot in your behalf. I too was wary of supporting your cuase due to the uncanny appearence that would result in the case that you actually succeeded in procuring a victory. In the end there was little else that I could do seeing that the competition was so slim in comparison to your superlative craftsmanship. Why you even had control over the seasons! Nevertheless I am bound by my charitable nature to mention the one competitor that gave me pause in my consideration of the victor. The entry submitted by Expiration was quite pleaseing to my eyes due to the outstanding clarity that is portrayed therein. Champagne to the victor! :wink:
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