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  1. I'm glad to see the old paint.net forum is still running wild! I've been a member for a long time so it's actually more of an re-introduction. I've never really contributed much to the community in the way of tutorials or anything but I have helped out some new users from time to time and I always tell people about Paint.net. Good to see some familiar users and new ones too. Maybe I'll hang around and do some stuff!
  2. It's a great program and easy to learn. Have fun and we'll see you around.
  3. I am reaquiring your plugins after a Motherboard crash and just wanted you say thanks!
  4. On the snake and microphones the snakes head and body seem to pop a little too much. Maybe dull that edge a bit. Wow that bird and gramaphone look sweet!
  5. Somewhere around 30 frames for the Forumwar Sig. Close. More like 16 for the Plasma
  6. Endless variety!! Sweet effect!! Nice tut. A little movement.
  7. Here is my stab at it. Thanks for the tutorial.
  8. Here is a sig I made for another forum that I like to visit. I used teh Beneton GIF animator. A little twist on the wave tutorial.
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