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Paint.NET is stuck at "Finishing".

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Alright, sometimes when I save my picture as PNG, it is stuck at "finishing". Look here, I'm not very good at explaining: The "finishing" thing.
Every time, I need to shut down my laptop to make Paint.NET stop being stuck at that, but I need to edit the picture again from the last saved version of it.

If I save it as JPEG, then it will lose quality.
Many people who make videos such as mapping (where you need to make about 100 PNG slides to make a video) with Paint.NET have the same problem as me.
Thank you for reading.

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Next time try saving to a PDN file first. That way you will have a file with all layers backed up.
If that works you can then save as PNGs. I 'always' save to PDN first. Next I save to TIFF.
I save to JPEG and PNG only for Internet sharing and web stuff.

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How many layers are we talking about here because unless v4.1.6 behaves differently from previous versions of PDN you should not be getting that Save Configuration progress bar with the PNG Save Configuration dialogue box. You should get the info box requiring you to flatten the layers first before saving as PNG. From the screenshot that is what is not happening. All the layers are still being shown separately when, just before saving, they should have been flattened. 


Unless this is a new glitch the first thing I'd be thinking is there are so many layers your laptop is running short of memory and that is why it is taking so long and not completing the save.


Backup as a .pdn first as HyReZ suggested then try manually flattening the layers before going to the save menu to save as PNG.


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There are some bugs with the error handling here that I'm planning to address in 4.1.7.


If it's stuck at "Finishing..." for a really long time, and it's not using any CPU in Task Manager, nor any disk, then ... it's a zombie.

Seems to happen more on low-memory systems, or if the disk is bad or out of space.

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