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Creating a text hyperlink in a .jpg

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I have a .jpg image that was converted from a .pdf. The .pdf has a text hyperlink to a website that I would like to have in the .jpg.

The text is already part of the .jpg. I saw in another thread that all you have to do is highlight the text with your mouse and click on the chain link with the green + in the tool bar.

I cannot figure out how to highlight the text, and, there is no chain link with a green + in my tool bar.

I am running version 4.1.5 in Windows 10.

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PDF files can contain rich text and multimedia content. On the other hand, images like JPEGs only contain pixels. So, a hyperlink can't be embedded into the JPEG itself.


If you're placing your image on a webpage, you can make the whole image a link.

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JPEG does not support hyperlinking. What is going on in a PDF, HTML, or Powerpoint is that command is embedded within the document format that establishes the link when the image is clicked on. The image may have text in it but the text does not execute. You can designate that clicking on the any part of the image causes the link to execute or that only a designated portion of the image (down to a single pixel) to execute the linking. The JPEG image does not do this, it is the code embedded within the document format that does it.

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You can create an anchor next to the <img> inside a <div> that is positioned absolute.

<div style="position: relative;">
    <img height="100px" width="100px" />
    <a style="position: absolute; top: 30px; left: 20px; height: 20px; width: 20px;" href="#"></a>

Position and size the <a> at the correct position.


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