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3D Text Cut


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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it



3D Text Cut

By pdnnoob

Pictures rehosted by Woodsy


I am rehosting the pictures from this tutorial to get it out of the Graveyard and to get rid of Photobucket.


Plugins required :


Alpha Mask



1. Make your shape3D object (I will be using a white sphere, but any shape and color will work)


EDIT:by "things you may change," I meant "areas you can adjust when you repeat a spherical shape3D on your text layer (some of the angles you can't change when making other shapes)


2. Type your text in black on a new layer (in the center). Bold text is preferred. Make sure that, in the next step, you can fit all the text on the visible side of the 3D shape.


3. Repeat shape3D on the text. If needed, reopen the shape3D window and adjust the position (and change to half sphere map if the text ends up too wide). Make sure you don’t have specular highlight checked.




4. Duplicate the text layer and, using the hue/saturation adjustment, set the lightness to 100.


5. Blur the white text layer by 2-3 radius (blur amount may vary depending on size of text and personal preference)


6. Using the “move selected pixels” tool, drag the blurry white text approximately 5 pixels in the direction away from the “light source.”



7. Select the black text layer and press ctrl+a then ctrl+c.


8. Select the white text layer again and run alpha mask with “invert mask” and “paste from clipboard” checked.


9. Move the white text one more pixel away from the light source.



10. Adjust the opacity of white layer as needed






More results:




For a lighting contest who knows how long ago.




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Many thanks for reviving this lost tutorial Woodsy!


I've added a link to the PDF version.

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