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How to flip a flag

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I am completely new to this kind of software, so excuse me if my question sounds dumb or geeky!


I have an image of a flag (54mm scale):image.png.b98961059850876beedde8a642777f7d.png.


What I need to do is copy the image to produce a mirror image on the left so that I can print a two sided flag for attaching to a wire pole, so that it looks something like this:




However, the mirror needs to be the same as the original (text not reversed if you see what I mean). Is this possible/easy to do?


Thanks for your advice?









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Greetings Pete,

On last image the you supplied above you can use the eyedropper to copy the exact color of the sandy tinted back ground and use that as the color for a wide brush to paint over the reversed wreath. Net use the Lasso Tool to out line the positive wreath, make a copy of it and paste it to the other side. You can use the up, down., left, right, keys to position it precisely.


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Got pipped by @welshblue as he says, just copy the correct crest into a new layer and then move it over the other wrong one.





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