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(null) error when trying to install


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40 minutes ago, BoltBait said:

I'm trying to use my ESP to read your mind, but it's not working... perhaps you could show us a screenshot of what you're seeing?


Well I hope its the right thing that I opened and that it isn't just some stupid mistake by myself 



nvidia panel.PNG

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To me that crash log might as well be in Klingon ie. I'm no expert. But in comparison to the last Paint.net crash log I have from the crash on exit issues caused by v4.1.3 the obvious thing of note is the MS .NET Framework version.


On my Win7 64bit system it simply lists the current version of that, now  v4.7.2. The equivalent entry in Styks' PDN crash log shows multiple .NET Framework versions.


Win7 apparently came with v2 - v3.5 components as part of the OS so are not normally listed even in the Control Panel > Programs because of that. It should not have been necessary to install .NET Framework "multiple times".  That may even be part of the problem. I'd check the latest MS .NET Framework shown there and use Windows Update to install the newest version which has just been released in the MS Nov.2018 Monthly update package. 


But first, in the absence of any other better advice, I'd run System File Checker using cmd (command prompt) : type "sfc /scannow"  just to check those system files are OK and if necessary repair them.

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