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Offset path like in illustrator

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Illustrator has a handy outlining tool that will outline something and not smooth off the edges. There are outlining tools for Paint.net but every single one of them wont let me make it where the outlines mirror the object directly.


Image result for miter outline

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@TrevorOutlaw No sorry, I wasn't clear. That is the opposite of what i want to do. Haha, I appreciate the help but I am looking for a way to outline something and keep the original edges EVEN if they are sharp

all the outline plugins (like boltbait's, which is very helpful despite it not doing exactly what i want [thank you bot bait]) will make sharp edges rounded off in the outline. 

the outline I want sounded like another plugin that might be on this website but i haven't found it sadly. thanks anyway guys i guess I will manually do it.

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This may or might not be helpful for what you want to outline.

Make a rectangular selection around the object that you want to outline.
Copy, then paste into a new image.
Ctrl Alt V

Center the object in the canvas with the Align Object plugin.

Duplicate the layer, change the lower layer object to the color that you want for the outline.

Apply - Layers > Rotate / Zoom

Merge layers.
Copy and paste into a new layer in the original image.

Reposition as needed.



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