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Not possible to export file as JPG?

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When I work with a .PDN with image with several layers, I often want to save the current displayed image as a JPG with all currently selected layers merged (essentially save exactly what is shown on screen). Is there really no easy way to do that?

Currently I have to delete unwanted layers, merge layers down, and then "save as", which will basically close the file I currently work with, and is awfully easy to mess up if you press "save" instead of save as...

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This question keep reappearing.

And I came to this forum to leave the very same question, because I couldn't figure it out myself, without someone showing it to me.


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Maybe there is more.

This means there is a serious usability issue. Some solution should be found to improve discoverability of this feature.

Also, I'm not quite happy with two-step process when exporting to file. In some cases it makes sense to have PDN and flat file to be opened alongside, in other cases it might be simpler/faster to do a single-step export.

I always envisioned this as "Export to file ..." and "Export to clipboard" items in "File" menu.

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