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  1. When I work with a .PDN with image with several layers, I often want to save the current displayed image as a JPG with all currently selected layers merged (essentially save exactly what is shown on screen). Is there really no easy way to do that? Currently I have to delete unwanted layers, merge layers down, and then "save as", which will basically close the file I currently work with, and is awfully easy to mess up if you press "save" instead of save as...
  2. I work with very large photos, and need to add shapes/comments etc. to it. It's easier to add these shapes as a seperate layer, since it's easy to edit them later. Problem is when I save the photo, it's saved as .PDN, and the file size is VERY large (often 300MB +) since I guess the format is lossless. The source file is usually a heavily compressed (75) JPG at around 15MB. Is there any way to work with multilayer images, and have it saved in a compressed format?
  3. Thanks! That looks like what I need, but I'm not sure I understand how to use it... I've taken panorama photos of the area I want to meassure, but the left and right side of the image will obviously not be 100% to scale. I know the total width of the selection in meters, and the height at the center of the area. I guess that plugin won't take that into account?
  4. I have a photo where I need to make make a freehand selection, and get the square footage of the area I selected. I am able to find out how many pixels equals 1 foot. Are there any tools that will help me with this?
  5. I have some images where I'm trying to hightlight/increase the visbility of some white "dots". Here's a sample image: What do you suggest I do, in order to make the white dots/circles more visible? It does not matter if the entire image is distorted - I just need to make it easier to see the circles in order to count them.
  6. Thanks!! I'll try that! Looks like it's exactly what I need
  7. Thanks, I already played around with the saturation, but It makes a bit too much changes to the rest of the picture - I only want the markings (red color) to be highlighted. Are there any other ways to achieve this?
  8. At work I photograph rocks/mountains with spray paint markings. Sometimes those markings are a little hard to see, so I would like to increase the visibility of them. Usually, the photos are 95% greytones, and some red spray paint, so I guess it shouldn't be very hard to make the red color to stand out more. It does not matter if the rest of the picture is slightly distorted, as long as it's easy to see the markings. I have attached a sample photo. As you can see, another problem is that some areas have shaddows/darker areas - are there any simple techniques I can use to minimize the shaddows? Thanks in advance!