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A way to easily select layers?

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I have an image with a bunch of layers, so it's not easy to know exactly what layer in the layer list corresponds to the layer in the image.


Is there an easy way to select a layer on the canvas itself?


E.g. this would be akin to holding ctrl+shift+right click in Photoshop to select the layer that the mouse cursor is over when it's on the canvas. In other words, for example, I have an image of a bird on layer 1, an image of a cloud on layer 2, and an image of grass on layer 3. Clicking Ctrl+Shift+Right Click on the Cloud would select layer 2 in the layers window - Paint.Net does not seem to have this functionality.


The workflow of having to move my mouse from the canvas area to the layers window, then find my layer amongst the list then click on it to activate it, then move the mouse back to the canvas is *really* inefficient. It slows the editing process down immensely.


Is there a way to select a layer without using the layers window?
And if not, will this feature be added at some point, and when?



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Still doesn't eliminate the extra mouse moves and scrolling in order to find the layer. And adds more work to keep the image organised.


It would be a lot easier to simply be able to select a layer by "special-clicking" on the canvas.

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The problem with your suggestion is that ALL the visible layers are composited to form the canvas. If you have your mouse over the canvas, you have potential access to all the layers because all the layers are the same size as the canvas.


@welshblue has it right. Appropriately name your layers ;)


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