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[PlugIn request] Background Eraser Tool

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Hello everybody

A few days ago, I was looking for a way cut out Hair from a Background, and what I found was a Tutorial about the so called 'Background Eraser' in Photoshop.

Now I'm really curious to know if it would be possible to write a Paint.net PlugIn that could do the same thing...

English is not my first language, so I just leave you the video here. It explains the function much better than I could.

...hoping for positive replys...




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You ca try @MJW Color Clearer effect.

Use the Color Picker tool to choose the background color to remove.

Use the Selection tool to select more or less the gray color in the background and the hair of the girl..

Apply MJW's Color Clearer effect.




And you should end with something like this :



It is not perfect. but it is not too bad. I do not know if @MJW can add a tolerance slider option.

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